Wine Tasting

Enjoy Fattoria COLLE VERDE’s excellent organic wines

Wine Tasting

A wine tasting in one of the most renowned Wine Resorts in Lucca is simply a must. You are welcome to sample either three or five of our award winning red and white wines and enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the surrounding area in the meantime.

  • Tasting of 3 wines*
    15,00 €
  • Tasting of 5 wines*
    25,00 €

* Prices per person
Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

If you would like to combine with a Wine & Olive Oil Tour

Besides historical facts and figures, we will provide an insight into the production of organic extra-virgin olive oil in one of the very few estate-owned olive oil presses in the area. This means: from harvest to the final product all steps take place on-site. Furthermore you will learn a lot about the different grapes, organic viticulture, the complexity of the fermentation of grapes and the secrets of aging processes in oak barrels.

  • Tour and Tasting of 3 wines*
    22,00 €
  • Tour and Tasting of 5 wines*
    32,00 €

* Prices per person
Duration: 1,5 hour

If you would like to combine additional with a Tagliere

“Tagliere salumi di SEVERINO”

With “pecorino” (cheese) e “salumi” (salami and cured hams) di “SEVERINO” accompanied with “crostino al pomodoro” (toasted bread with tomato)

Gino, the owner of SEVERINO, is still hand manufacturing his cold cuts in Matraia in a way his family has used for generations and his products are also reviewed in the Veronelli Gold Guide (Guida Oro Veronelli) and “Il buon paese” di SlowFood publisher.

SEVERINO, Via di Matraia n. 25/30, Village of Matraia near Church,

“Tagliere formaggi”

The “Tagliere formaggi” offers a selection of local cheeses manufactured by small producers in the area still using traditional production methods. The cheeses are handmade with love and attention for the final product and the welfare of animals. Hence the assortment we offer depends on and may vary due to seasonal production.

  • Tour, Tasting of 3 wines, Tagliere
    37,00 €
    “Tagliere salumi da SEVERINO” or “Tagliere formaggi”
  • Tour, Tasting of 5 wines, Tagliere
    47,00 €
    “Tagliere salumi da SEVERINO” or “Tagliere formaggi”

* Prices per person
Duration: 1 – 2 hour

Wine Tour Video

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Wonderful stay at COLLE VERDE and amazing wine tasting and beautiful olive oil.

My husband and I recently visited COLLE VERDE and fell in love with the area! The estate and grounds are just beautiful. We enjoyed a wine tour and explanation of olive trees, the picking and pressing process and an olive oil tasting. We loved the cooking class and lunch with wine pairings after. We left yearning to visit again.

Excellent day, lots of fun and laughter. Lots of new friends. Highly recommend! Excellent wine!

Great place. Awesome tour of the winery and olive oil areas. My wife and I really enjoyed the wine tasting.